Chris Grimm

 Drummer, backup vocalist, and helps with songwriting for RFTR. Started playing drums on May 17th, 2009 which also happens to be when his first "band", Vyctis Honor, came together. Vyctis Honor was something he had started along with Shawn to have fun with. After a while he realized that this was more than fun, it was his dream. Still being relatively new to his instrument, Chris keeps the band on time while trying to woe fans with complex and fast drum beats. Singing is something he has also loved, for a very long time. He may not be the greatest singer, but he definitely adds to his band's unique style.

Shawn Malevolance

In late 2009, Malevolance and two of his best friends formed Refuge For The Restless, for which he plays the roles of guitarist, songwriter, and backup vocalist. Shawn first picked up an instrument (clarinet) at age 9 and took to it immediately. In late 2008, his range expanded from just clarinet to a wide collorata of instruments such as guitar, bass guitar, french horn, alto and tenor sax, piano, drums, mellophone, and chromatic percussion.

Tony Assylym

Guitarist and songwriter for Refuge for the Restless. He picked up his first guitar in late 2008. He first started playing his friend's old guitar and learned the basics from it. It was very challenging since he is left-handed and had to learn on a right-handed guitar. When he finally taught himself to play right-handed, he purchased his first guitar; an LTD Ax-50. With very little lessons, he taught himself each string name, each fret, and how to read guitar tabs. Never the less, he picked up quick and has become the guitarist extraordinare that he is today with the support and enthusiasm of his bandmates. His inspirations to play include: Synyster Gates, Zacky Vengeance, Michael Angelo Batio, Andy Sixx, etc.

Said by a fan of RFTR: "By the Way, Tony Assylym; Beast at guitar."

Leon Lifeless

 Vocalist, screamer, and songwriter for Refuge for the Restless. Leon joined the band in early 2010. When he came to tryout the whole band was thoroughly impressed with his vocals and screams. He was instantly accepted as a part of the band and completed RFTR's line-up. Since he has joined, he has continued to impress the whole band with, not only his vocals, but his ability to write lyrics so well. Leon was the final attachment to the band, and without him, RFTR would just not be the same.

Paul Pandemonium

Bassist and songwriter for RFTR. Just recently welcomed back to the band, Paul is an outstanding bassist with much talent. He can learn a song 10 minutes before it is time to play, and play it... flawlessly.